Access Supports & Employment


Access Supports & Employment strives to provide an individualised and focus driven service, based around the aspirations and personal goals of every client.

Access Supports & Employment is committed to ensuring clients are treated with respect and all information remains confidential. 


Employment Support

School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES)

Access Supports & Employment assists clients in transitioning out of school and into career paths of discovery. Exploring options and opportunities, clients will be supported to work towards building their capabilities via one on one mentoring to become job ready. Areas of focus may include but are not limited to; job seeking and application, interview skill building, resume and cover letter creation, travel and schedule capabilities, presentation and job commencement.

Coaching and Micro Business Development

Finding and Keeping a Job

Access Supports & Employment can provide advice and guidance to clients who would like to engage in employment and volunteering opportunities.  Including those clients who dream of starting their own business or creating an up and coming micro enterprise.  Through working together clients will receive job coaching and ongoing assistance so they feel supported every step of the way.

Study / Organisational Skill Development

Access Supports & Employment can assist clients who want to explore and uptake study or skill building programs.  In addition Access Supports & Employment can provide guidance to clients around managing business or personal demands including; scheduling calendars and appointments, communications, organising home and office systems and generally staying on top of life’s busy demands.


Access Supports & Employment can provide guidance around plan and fund utilisation, so clients can engage with local community organisations and providers in a confident and positive manner to achieve best outcomes. 


Melanie Weiss

Growing up in the south west and now living in Margaret River, I have been employed as a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) at APM, working in partnership with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  Prior I was in human resources and recruitment after studying a Bachelor of Business at Curtin University. 

Access Supports & Employment was created through combining my passion for assisting others with their career goals and my experience of the NDIA.  My focus being to assist people in the community to explore new career pathways and work towards engaging in jobs that are rewarding and positive. 

Whether its leaving school and taking the first step towards future employment, looking for a career change, starting a new business or exploring study options, Access Supports & Employment is here to help.  Through a professional and tailored approach, I mentor, support and help develop clients career confidence and capabilities.

Furthermore with an extensive understanding of the NDIA, I can provide valuable assistance to better enable clients to engage with their plan and support providers.



Based in the South West, please contact for further information on how Access Supports & Employment can assist you in moving forward.

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